Meet the Team

The Wholesaler

He carries the bag and the credit card, someone has to pay for lunch around here. A vital role to any financial advisor, our staff wholesaler is a logistics genius. He logs more miles than an International-route pilot and hasn’t seen his family in 2 months but keeps us full of fresh ideas.

The Girl Boss

She is destined for the top. She has qualified for President’s Club every year in the business while also serving as CEO of her house; successfully managing her practice, 2 kids, husband and a dog. Empowering women to create financial success is her mission but ‘Mom’ will always be her favorite title.

The ‘A’ Rep

Some claim there was a golden horseshoe involved, but the permanent numbness in his fingers from 200 dials a week during his first 3 years is real. This guy is a grinder and reaps the rewards of hard work. Everyone from the back office to the home office love this guy, partly because of his personality but mostly because of his production.


He may look like a Senior but that ‘S’ stands for Sales. This team does not need a CEO because our sales leader shows us the way. He has done it all and seen it twice. As a master of the sales call, he can dissect sales data in seconds and recommend the perfect blend of activity to boost performance. Most weeks he can be found on tour…the sales conference tour.

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