Live Life Above Limits

Welcome to UnCapped Strategies! Today we are launching a new site dedicated to you: The Advisor. This is not another website with silly sales ideas – gimmicks – smoke & mirrors or some crazy commission scheme where you can earn 10% commission by selling your mom a fixed annuity that has a 12% rate guaranteed for 10 years. No other site will deliver our ideas from your viewpoint.

What is UnCapped Strategies?

So, before you commit to joining us at UnCapped Strategies, we want you to take a step back and think about your first day in the business, think about those personal goals you set for yourself, those dreams that you aspired to fulfill, the lifestyle that you were going to build. If you still have those dreams, if you are on your way to doing it, if you are doing it or you have done it, stay with us because you are going to enjoy what you see. Now, if you don’t care about building a lifestyle away from the office and are satisfied to sit at your desk, grinding away til you die…this is probably not the site for you. This site is for the people that got in sales for the reason that we got in sales, to make money. So, for those of you that are still with us and did not bow out early, we want to address one last thing.

How did we get here…

A few of you went into the family business or really, really wanted to be a Financial Advisor so you studied hard in school, got your MBA and went right to the Big Leagues. Well another secret -that’s not us, this is us here. Some of us studied business in college but mastered in hustle and were a little lost until that <insert captive firm here> recruiter came calling. They laid out the strategy to uncapped earnings and you were on the road with us to Live Life Above Limits!

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